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Volume-XII (Issue 2) - June 2019


Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Diphenyl (5-Aryl-4H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)Methanol

Author's: Salim J.Mohammed, Mohaymin A. Abdull Kareem Ibrahim,Omer Sabah Ibrahiem

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 1 to 3

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Title: In silico studies of the inhibitory potential of the phytochemical 3-Methylkaempferol present in Amburanacearenses (cumaru) on Apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE4)

Author's: Aurineide Ribeiro Lima, EmanuelleMachadoMarinho, Márcia Machado Marinho

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 4 to 8

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Title: Proposed Binding Between Genetic Algorithm and Grey Wolf Optimizer to Estimate The Parameters of Software Reliability Growth Models

Author's: Jamal Salahaldeen Alneamy, Marwah Marwan AbdulazeezDabdoob

Subject Area: Engineering & Technology (Computer Science)

Page No: 9 to 14

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Title: Semi-Empirical Quantum Characterization of the Drug Selexipag: HOMO and LUMO and Reactivity Descriptors

Author's: Victor Moreira de Oliveira , Márcia Machado Marinho, Emmanuel Silva Marinho

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 15 to 20

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Title: Neo-Chlorogenic Acid: Conformatinal and Molecular Analysis by Semi-Empiricalmethods

Author's: Caio Henrique Alexandre Roberto,Emmanuel Silva Marinho, Othon Souto Campos

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 21 to 26

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Title: Measurement of Electron Density in Atmospheric Pressure Cold Argon Plasma Jet

Author's: Dr. Rajendra Shrestha, Er. Reeta Shilpakar, Dr. Deepak Prasad Subedi

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 27 to 33

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Title: In Silico Study of Phytochemical Chlorogenic Acid: A Semi-Empirical Quantum Study and Adme

Author's: Ana Beatriz Ferreira Silva, Márcia Machado Marinho, Francisco Rogênio Da Silva Mendes

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 34 to 39

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Title: A People Tracking Using Background Subtraction for Surveillance Application

Author's: Lalita Choudhary, Sandeep Kumar Toshniwal

Subject Area: Engineering & Technology (Electronics & Comm. Engineering)

Page No: 40 to 42

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